The SAGE Team

SAGE Connected Investing is an independent investment management and wealth advisory team with a boutique feel and over 139 years of combined investment industry experience. Our tight-knit team of 6 professionals is dedicated to:

  1. Building our clients’ wealth with peace of mind by delivering exceptional risk-adjusted returns.
  2. Ensuring our clients’ wealth is managed efficiently through tax optimization, and structured in a way that ensures their goals and wishes are fulfilled.
  3. Delivering service that is prompt, accurate, convenient and simple.

We take the responsibility of managing our clients’ wealth very seriously. We also believe in Setting A Great Example (SAGE) through building our communities, working with charities and educating investors of all ages.

The team shares a strong commitment to professionalism and development. We are constantly striving to keep ahead of the rapid changes in this increasingly complex world, and to improve our performance in the three key areas we serve our clients (investment returns, wealth management advice and client care).